Hotel GRAND Tábor, with a tradition going as far back as 1835, was reconstructed and put back into operation in 2008.

A small team of employees, mostly comprised of family members, endeavors to deal with all guests in a very personal manner, creating a pleasant and quiet atmosphere of the fondly remembered period known as the First Republic. This impression is partly enhanced by the hotel’s period furniture and interior details.

The hotel is certified by AHR as GARNI SUPERIOR.
The hotel currently offers comfortable accommodation in 12 rooms, thereof 9 rooms have a shower and WC, and 2 rooms can be added to rooms with their own sanitary facility to form full-fledged four-bed apartments. The hotel’s total capacity counts 23 beds.

Particularly advantageous is the hotel’s central location and private parking in downtown Tábor.  Parking, breakfast, and WiFi are included in the price.

The hotel also offers services to biking tourists, such as safe bicycle storage, tool renting, washing and drying of clothes, calorically rich breakfast, and other amenities. Visit us to enjoy the hotel’s unique atmosphere, you will not regret it.

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